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Healthy eating recipes for children under five years old

Every mother seeks to know healthy eating recipes for children, to ensure the proper growth of her children, as the child at this age begins to form his eating habits, and the appetite of the child this age is volatile and unstable. Diversify the food and present it in a way that attracts the child.

Healthy eating recipes for children under five years old

Dealing with the child needs art, so every mother must be patient and wise when serving food to the child, taking into account the following conditions to ensure healthy food is served.

Care must be taken to prepare healthy eating recipes for children by reducing fats in food to provide the child with healthy food, whether boiled or grilled and to avoid serving fried foods because they have negative effects on the health of the child.

Offer starches in a useful form, such as wholemeal bread, oatmeal cookies, or oatmeal cookies, as they contain fiber and lots of vitamins.

Offer food rich in proteins, whether vegetable or animal, for example, offer him fish, meat, eggs, legumes, and chicken.

Make sure to provide the child with daily foods that contain iron, as studies have proven that the child at this age needs iron, with an estimated daily amount of ten milligrams.

Accustom the child to drink quantities of water that help in the digestion process, and protect the child from constipation, with the need to eat vegetables and fiber.

It is recommended to expose the child to the sun daily so that he does not suffer from vitamin D deficiency, but you should choose the times when the sun’s rays are not harmful to the child, such as sunrise or sunset.

Be sure to replace soft drinks with natural juices for the health of your child.

The child should have an adequate daily intake of good quality dairy and cheese, which are a source of calcium and bone building.

If your child is not inclined to proteins, he tends to be a vegetarian person. Try to provide protein to him in different ways and more than once and in more than one form. If you fail in that, take care of vegetables and grains and replace that with vegetable protein, grains, fiber, and fruits.

Parents struggle to provide healthy eating recipes

Of course, parents experience real suffering with their children at this age, as the general children do not have an appetite for food, which makes parents worry about the lack of appetite for children, but in fact, there is no need to worry, but pay attention to some things, including:

  • Growth in the first year of life should be compared to growth from the second to fifth years of a child.
  • You should not consider small amounts of food as much as you should pay attention to the good quality that he should eat.
  • More than one dish should be served so that the child has the freedom to choose the food he likes and wants to eat.
  • The shape of the dish should be appetizing and have a lot of colors and types of vegetables.

Children should not be tempted by the desire to eat fast food and sweets, because they are not useful in building the body and have damaged the child's health and the safety of his teeth.


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