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Food to increase children's intelligence

 Every mother wants to increase the focus of her children, especially with the approaching exams, so she is looking for foods to increase the intelligence of children to help them absorb lessons and achieve success and excellence.

Healthy foods are the magic gateway to a strong immune system, a brain capable of focusing, and a high IQ, as they contain high levels of vitamins and minerals that activate the brain and increase its ability to understand and remember.

Food to increase children's intelligence

Every mother strives to invent new and innovative ways to provide the most delicious foods to the young, and she is not only interested in delicious food, but she is keen that foods are of high nutritional value, but rather contain important elements for the body and brain in particular, and among the most important of these foods:

  • Peanut butter and pistachio, both contain unsaturated fats that increase the mental, cognitive and cognitive abilities of the child.
  • Whole milk contains fatty acids that are important for the brain, brain cells, and the nervous system.
  • Boiled eggs contain proteins, calcium, and many other important components for a healthy body and brain.
  • Eggs come in different shapes, if the child refuses boiled eggs, they can be prepared fried or added to cakes and baked goods.
  • Marine  omega-3 fatty acids are necessary to maintain memory, treat forgetfulness and strengthen memorization skills, especially fish containstunain, salmon, mackerel, and sardines.
  • Red and white meats contain animal protein, iron, vitamin B12, and fiber that protect the body, build muscle, and keep the brain healthy.
  • All nuts are good foods for the brain, especially walnuts, almonds, and peanuts because they contain antioxidants that protect brain cells from damage and prevent Alzheimer's disease.
  • Vitamin C foods, this vitamin activates the cells of the nervous system and boosts the immune system, and is available in lemon, orange, tangerine, kiwi, pineapple, guava, and broccoli.

Other foods to increase the intelligence of the child

Nutrition experts offer an additional group of foods that help increase the intelligence of young children and enhance brain performance, including:

  • Vitamin E foods, this vitamin is an antioxidant and has a significant role in revitalizing brain cells, and they can be obtained from sunflower oil, tomatoes, spinach, peanut and peanut butter, and potatoes.
  • Vitamin B complex foods, it is called the nerve vitamin, because it helps protect nerves from damage, and it can be obtained from whole grains, especially oats, all kinds of meat, dairy products, liver, bananas, and leafy vegetables.
  • Spinach and mallow are leafy vegetables that are important for the health of the body and brain because they contain a large percentage of iron and vitamins necessary for growth and give the body activity and vitality.
  • Spinach pancakes can be prepared and served to children in case they refuse spinach cooked traditionally.
  • Broccoli is one of the important foods for the brain, as it contains vitamin K and vitamin C in addition to choline, all of which are substances that stimulate brain performance, enhance memory, and strengthen intelligence.
  • Turmeric can be added to foods, drinks, and soups, because it helps a lot in improving brain performance, strengthening memory, and protecting against forgetting.
  • Olive oil, one of the most important natural oils that should be eaten without heating or cooking, is a powerful antioxidant that supports brain performance. It also works to strengthen intelligence and memory and helps the brain to focus, and it can be added to salads or eaten on an empty stomach.
  • Chocolate and cocoa are children's favorite foods and contain iron, magnesium, potassium, and other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. And all of them are components that improve brain performance and brain functions and increase intelligence. A piece of chocolate or a cup of warm cocoa can be offered to the child during study times.
  • Bananas are brain-friendly foods because they contain potassium, which is important for the health of the heart, nerves, and brain.
  • Avocados, you should be careful to introduce to children because they contain many important vitamins, especially vitamin “B complex”, vitamin “C” and folic acid.


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