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My experience with the contraceptive strip

My experience with the contraceptive chip, which is one of the latest technologies used in this field, and therefore it is not as widespread as other traditional methods, especially since so far it has not been properly and correctly identified by individuals, so all women would like to know more about it.

My experience with the contraceptive strip

To get acquainted with this modern tool, we must look at some of the experiences that women have had with it, and here is my experience with the contraceptive chip as follows:

  • A woman stated that she had resorted to many methods used to prevent pregnancy, but it did not bring any result, and for this reason, she resorted to installing a contraceptive chip despite her concern about it, especially since there are rumors that it causes a delay in pregnancy after that, the woman added that she found that method is simple and has results Good despite not being too expensive, and she said that when she wanted to get pregnant she got rid of it and got pregnant soon after.
  • Another woman mentioned that she tested the strip and installed it more than a year ago, and found that it is good in preventing pregnancy, but unfortunately after that, her period stopped coming, which worries her greatly, and she said that if the situation continues like this, she will definitely need to get rid of it.
  • A woman said that she had the slide inserted two months ago after she gave birth, and he also explained that she was worried about the implant insertion. She added that the issue was simple and she did not feel any pain and that she did not need much time to place it, and said that she had searched a lot in the species and could not find a better method than this.
  • A woman added that she tried the chip for the first time, but that experience was very bad. She described it as being of a bad type and was copper, but she got rid of it after only 6 months. Then she went to a good hospital and put the chip again, but that experience was the best for her.

contraceptive stick

Women frequently wonder what this segment is and how it works, and here is some important information about it:

  • This slice is of the hormonal type, and it is among the methods used to prevent pregnancy. It is characterized by its tube-like shape and small size. It is placed under the skin in the humeral area of ​​the woman.
  • This chip can prevent pregnancy for several years, depending on its type. Some types last for 3 years and the others for 5 years. They are similar in size to a matchstick and are made of the finest flexible plastic materials.
  • The chip consists of progesterone chemicals called Etonogestrel, and of course, the chip differs from contraceptive pills in the hormone it is made of, where the pills consist of both progesterone and estrogen.

Advantages of the contraceptive chip

After we learned about my experience with the contraceptive chip, we will mention to you its most important advantages as follows:

  • This capsule is highly effective in preventing pregnancy.
  • You don't need a lot of money to mount it when compared to some other contraceptives.
  • This method is suitable for most women.
  • You do not need to change it often, the minimum period is three years.
  • It does not affect pregnancy after that and does not cause its delay. If you want to become pregnant, just remove it at the specialist doctor.
  • After the capsule is installed in the arm, this does not affect the sexual relationship between a man and a woman.
  • It can cause a lack of blood during menstruation.
  • It relieves menstrual pain.
  • It works to get rid of infections and prevent infection.
  • They are used in some cases where other contraceptive methods are not suitable.
  • A woman will regain fertility only about 21 days after downloading the capsule.
  • This capsule helps reduce the risk of uterine cancer.

Weight gain and its relationship to the contraceptive strip

The contraceptive capsule is subject to several accusations, the most important of which is that it results in a rapid increase in the weight of the woman, and here is the most important thing that came about this as follows:

  • There is no evidence so far that confirms that there is a relationship between weight gain and the contraceptive capsule, and this applies to all other methods as well. Doctors say that if a woman gains weight, this is mostly temporary and will return to normal again within two months or more.
  • It is well known that most contraceptives disrupt the hormones in a woman's body, and at certain times result in an increase in a woman's appetite, and this can cause an increase in weight.
  • However, it cannot be said that the contraceptive capsule causes a woman to gain weight, or that it does not result in weight gain because this depends on the nature of each woman's body and how it is affected by the contraceptive strip.

Contraceptive capsule and cancer

The contraceptive chip can be considered one of the important methods that are used to delay pregnancy for a long period, and here is some information about it that shows its relationship to cancer, as follows:
  • This capsule constantly secretes small doses of the hormone progesterone, which increases the thickness of the mucus in the cervix, as well as reduces the thickness of the lining of the uterus.
  • The capsule prevents the ovary from ovulating. Doctors have differed about the extent to which this slice affects cancer and whether the hormones it produces in the body can cause it.
  • However, women who have a family history of cancer should take all necessary precautions and stay away from any hormonal method that is best for them.
  • Several countries have stopped production and use of this capsule for fear of causing some problems, and some companies that manufacture contraceptive strips have discontinued the production of the old version and replaced it with the newer one that is currently used.
  • The contraceptive chip is used as one of the effective ways to delay pregnancy, especially as it has a long-term effect.
  • This slice does not consist of estrogen, although it is not suitable for all women, and so far the extent of its impact on cancer is being researched.

Contraceptive capsule side effects

Some women who tried the contraceptive strip experienced some side effects, the most important of which are the following:
  • Cause severe headache.
  • As a result of installing the slide for the first time in the arm area, the presence of a tumor in the hand also shows some bruises that are blue in color.
  • It results in mental and mood disturbance for some women after they install it directly.
  • It causes weight gain for some women, but not everyone.
  • It results in some pain in the breast.
  • This capsule causes a lot of changes in a woman's hormones.
  • It causes an increase in the proportion of skin secretion of oils, and this leads to suffering from pimples greatly.
  • This method does not help protect a woman from any sexually transmitted diseases, it only prevents pregnancy.
  • It must be installed by the specialist doctor to put it correctly, because it cannot perform its work if it is installed incorrectly, and here the woman can become pregnant despite her position.

Through the article, we learned about my experience with the contraceptive chip in a detailed and comprehensive manner, and we also clarified the most important advantages and damages resulting from its use for women, and whether it has anything to do with women’s weight gain or not.


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