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Does the contraceptive pill start working on the same day?

What are the pills 

They are pills and medicinal compounds, taken orally, these pills contain synthetic hormones that are very similar to the hormones released by the female ovaries. Sperm access to it, and there are two types of these pills are small pills and compound pills, and it must be noted that birth control pills are not suitable for all women, as they may cause some harm and should be very careful when taken them.

How to get the best results

As for the contraceptive pill, it can be taken on any day of the menstrual cycle, and if it is taken within five days of the start of the menstrual cycle, it is immediately effective to prevent pregnancy, and the woman does not need to follow one of the other methods of contraception, such as condoms. Contraception on any other day is different from those days. The effect of the pill cannot begin until after a whole week has passed, and the woman must use condoms or any other method when engaging in marital relations. As for contraceptive pills that contain only progesterone, they can be taken at Any time, but you must wait 48 hours before having sex for the pill to work.

What are the types of birth control pills?

Although there are many brand names for birth control pills, birth control pills are divided according to their composition into two types:

  • Combined pills: The combined contraceptive pill consists of two types of synthetic hormones, estrogen, and progesterone, which are the most prevalent types of birth control pills among women, and these pills are used by taking a pill daily at about the same time.
  • Progesterone pills: or the mini-pill, this type of pill consists of synthetic progesterone only, and contraceptive pills of this type must be taken daily at approximately the same time, that is, within three hours of the time of taking it the previous day, and the Send type can be taken in the period The same, not necessarily within 3 hours.

Effectiveness of contraceptive pills

As previously mentioned, a woman must take birth control pills during the first five days of her period, and when taking these pills regularly as shown on the same day and at approximately the same time for each pill, the pill is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, but Because of forgetting the pill for one or more times, which may happen to many women, the effectiveness of these pills becomes about 93%.

Use of compound pills

Contraceptive pills are taken every day at the same time, but they do not have to be taken at exactly the same time. These pills come in boxes of 21 or 28 pills and are taken as follows:

  • The package of 28 pills: These pills are taken daily, where are taken for four consecutive weeks, and after the end of the box, a new pack is started as of day 29, and these pills at the end contain fake pills that may contain nutritional supplements, which have no contraceptive cycle, But its importance comes from the continuity of the reminder of the contraceptive pill, which is usually 7 pills.
  • The package of 21 tablets: These pills are taken from the first day and for three consecutive weeks, then after the end of the box, the pills are stopped for a week, as the menstrual cycle is expected during this week, and then new pills are started, and when taking these pills, the relationship can be practiced During the last week in which the pill is not taken, the contraceptive efficacy remains.
  • Pills consisting of 91 tablets: These pills are taken for three months in a row or for 12 weeks, and at the end of these pills several pills are free of hormones, and in this type of pill, the menstrual cycle can be stopped for three months, and the effectiveness of contraception remains In the week that the reminder pills are taken, marital sex can be practiced safely without the risk of pregnancy.

Use of progesterone pills

Progesterone pills come in the form of 28 pills intended for four weeks, and in this type, there are no hormone-free reminder pills, and the menstrual cycle with these pills usually comes during the fourth week of the pill, and these pills can cause women to light bleeding during their use outside During the period, it can also cause some women not to bleed at all. As for the Send contraceptive pill, the package consists of 28 pills, 24 containing the hormone, and 4 pills intended for reminders.

Using birth control pills to stop menstruation

Contraceptive pills can be used to stop menstrual bleeding, by leaving the dummy pills when they reach them and starting a new pack starting with the pills containing hormones, according to the following:

  • A woman can use the package of 91 tablets, which is intended for three months, where the menstrual cycle stops for three months, meaning that a woman can experience three menstrual bleeding in just one year.
  • In the case of using 28 pills, when reaching the fake pills, they can leave them and start a new package, thus ensuring that the woman does not experience menstrual bleeding, and in the 21-day pills, the new package can be started immediately after the end of the previous package.
  • A woman may experience some intermittent bleeding or spotting when using this method to prevent menstruation, and this is completely normal and can go away after stopping taking these pills within six months.
  • As for the contraceptive pill that contains progesterone only, it can be taken daily and can prevent the onset of menstruation in some cases, but the combined pill is more effective in preventing menstruation.

If you forget the combined contraceptive pill

The effectiveness of contraceptive pills is best if the pill is taken at the right time, but in the event of a missed pill, the following method can be followed:

  • If you want to have sex after forgetting the pill, it is preferable to use a condom.
  • If you forget the pill and have sexual intercourse without using a condom within five days after you forgot it, it is preferable to use emergency contraceptive pills in this case.

In case you forgot the mini-pill

This type of pill is best taken immediately after forgetting and collecting more than one pill on the same day according to the following:

  • For Slynd pills, when you forget a pill, it is preferable to take it immediately when you remember it and to take the next pill at its correct time, and in case you forget two pills, it is preferable to take one pill as soon as possible and continue with the remaining pills at the correct time, and in this case, it is preferable to use another method of contraception such as condoms.
  • As for the reminder pills, they can be taken at any time, and even if they are forgotten, it is not necessary to continue taking them. The forgotten pills can be ignored and continue to the next pills.

Starting the combined contraceptive pill

In the normal case, the combined contraceptive pill can be taken at any time of the menstrual cycle according to the previous instructions. It can be taken during the menstrual cycle and can also be taken after the bleeding ends. In the event of childbirth, these pills can be taken from the third week of childbirth, that is, after approximately 21 days have passed. In the event of an abortion, it is preferable to take the contraceptive pill during the days of the abortion and bleeding and not to delay it.

Start taking progesterone pills

Progesterone pills can also be taken during any day of the menstrual cycle, and their effectiveness is faster than the combined pills, and even after pregnancy and abortion, you can start taking birth control pills containing progesterone immediately after childbirth, or after abortion, and when using these pills, the effectiveness is within a maximum period of 48 An hour during which other contraceptive methods must be taken.

If you want to get pregnant

If a woman decides to become pregnant, she can stop these pills directly, regardless of the type of those pills, and pregnancy can occur directly after stopping them, but in some cases, the menstrual cycle may remain turbulent for several months after stopping these pills, however, this does not affect ovulation and the possibility of pregnancy have Mrs.

What are the side effects of birth control pills and possible risks

There is a range of possible side effects and risks of taking hormonal birth control pills, such as:

  • Psychological changes such as having some mood changes and feeling stress and anxiety.
  • Headache, chronic fatigue, and feeling sick.
  • Breast changes and weight gain.
  • Changes in the menstrual cycle, loss of desire to have sex, in addition to changes in vaginal secretions.
  • Increased risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and colorectal cancer.
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular problems.

In conclusion, through the previous lines, it was identified whether the effect of contraceptive pills begins on the same day, and it was found that the effectiveness of contraceptive pills depends on the type of pill, as well as types of contraceptive pills, their forms, the way to use each type, side effects and risks. associated with taking these pills.


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